Winter 2018

UK, 14th January, 2018: US 'BORG' CUBE IN LONDON TO OPEN SOON!

"Science Fiction becomes a reality"

New US Embassy to be a 'Borg Cube'.

In a recent claimed outbust by President Trump, he maligned the impending closure of the old US Embassy. And in a decision not involving President Trump, the new design was approved at the beginning of the Obama administration - and as an indication of where US politics is heading.

The US' first target for assimilation is the UK population. By locating the new construction close to the famous MI6 building in Vauxhall, it appears that those working for MI6 will be used as 'drones' to help convert the UK's political ideology to that of the US.

Future President Hillary Clinton, who use her 'almightiness' to escape any upcoming criminal charges, will rule supreme. Her will shall become the single consciousness of all the drones she employs and of those she manages to assimilate during her rule.

In time, all of the UK population will become single-minded drones. All they will ever hear is the constant nattering of Hillary's voice. Is this the future the people of the UK want?

We warn everone not to enter this building. You will not emerge the same person again.

FOOTNOTE: The name 'Vauxhall' comes from the Russian word for a railway station: 'Vokzal'.